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Growing Your Travel Business in a Highly Competitive Industry - Discover the Winning Formulas


29th September 2023


12:00 PM (WAT)

Google Meet


Meet the Speakers

Get ready to be inspired by our panel of seasoned experts, each with over 10 years in travel operations. Their insider insights will revolutionize your travel business, turning challenges into opportunities.

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Ikotun O. Ezekiel

EZEKIEL IKOTUN is conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Hard working, reliable and resourceful with excellent organizational and staff management skills, combined with the ability to priorities a substantial workload. Seasoned travel and tourism professional with over 13yrs’ experience in assisting customers fulfil their domestic and international travel needs.

Ikotun O. Ezekiel

General Manager, Finchglow Travels

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Ebiere Bekesuo

Ebiere Bekesuo is a highly accomplished Travel Consultant with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results in the travel industry. With a deep passion for exploring new destinations and a decade of experience, She has consistently exceeded sales targets, cultivated lasting client relationships, and created unforgettable travel experiences. Her expertise in crafting personalized itineraries and her dedication to providing exceptional service makes her a trusted advisor in the world of travel.

Ebiere Bekesuo

Branch Head, Port Harcourt

Why You Shouldn't Miss This

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the PartnerPlus Skill Up Series is here to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. Starting Aug 30, 2023, here are some insightful discussions we’ll be covering in this series:

Managing Travel Operations Like a Pro

From itinerary planning to documentation, learn the tricks of streamlining your travel operations for enhanced efficiency.

Mastering the Art of Flight Bookings

Get expert guidance on optimizing flight bookings, securing the best deals, and ensuring seamless travel experiences for your clients.

Diversifying Income Streams

Discover innovative ways to expand your revenue streams, from affiliate partnerships to value-added services.

Building a Strong Travel Network

Learn how to connect with fellow travel agents, suppliers, and industry influencers to create a robust network that supports your growth.

Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

Gain insights into building strong customer relationships, offering exceptional service, and nurturing client loyalty.

Harnessing Digital Tools for Success

Explore the power of technology in transforming your travel business, from online marketing to automated processes.

Industry Regulations and Compliance

Stay informed about the legal aspects of travel agency operations, ensuring your business operates smoothly and ethically.

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