Summer Style: How To Travel Stylishly This Summer

Everyone loves jetting off for a vacation, especially during the summer period and everyone always wants to slay when they get to the airport but then we have to deal with dozens of red-eye flights and security checks, right? Another headache that comes with travel fashion is

Another headache that comes with travel fashion is traveling to a new destination with no idea how they dress and how to blend your style with the foreign land.


To ease the pain of traveling, the security checks struggles, its best your travel style is kept simple, smart and stylish. I call it the 3 Ss. Airports are now becoming unofficial fashion runways, with the aid of social media. Although you may be overwhelmed by the idea of having to look good while getting to your flight on time, it can actually be fairly simple, with a little help from us.

The holiday travel season is upon us, so we’ve decided to write this. Here are five tips on how to travel stylishly — but more importantly — comfortable. Before the rules, ensure you have packed all your outfits for the days you will spending and extra outfits just in case.

Rule No 1: Always wear flat shoes. Consider easy-to-slip on flats that would be easier for you during security checks, you really do not want want to wear a complicated hoe that would take time pulling off and putting on. Remember your comfort is key. A strappy high heel sandal is a big No!


Rule No 2: Keep Warm! Don’t set yourself up for a cold. The plane is always cooler high up in the sky and you definitely do not want to start shivering or getting goosebumps. No matter how tempting that skimpy dress is, don’t do it.


Rule No 3: Your Jeans is your best friend for this trip. Get out your most fashionable and comfortable jeans for this journey. Pair this with one of your fashionable sweaters, jacket or top. Then get a neck-scarf so as not to break Rule No 2.

Rule No 4: Let your make-up be minimal. Flying is perhaps the worst thing to ever happen to makeup as planes are notorious for causing makeup to deteriorate and leave your face a mess. Your best bet is to moisturize properly, drink lots of water and just use the basics like powder, mascara and a lip balm

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