#DestinationOfTheWeek 5 Reasons Why Zanzibar Is The Place To Be This Summer

Zanzibar, one of the most popular destinations in Africa is extremely beautiful and has amazing luxury resorts, magic scenic beaches and more. Travellers who love a natural scene, adventure and exciting activities always find a home in Zanzibar and the perfect catch is, Nigerians can visit Zanzibar for 90 days without visa, which can be gotten on arrival.

We have curated 5 reasons why Zanzibar should be your choice destination this summer

1.The Luxurious Resorts:  If you are looking for the ultimate luxury resort experience, you must try one of the top Resorts in Zanzibar to enjoy in the lap of utmost luxury and comfort and treat yourself to an exquisite resort experience in Zanzibar.

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2. Swim With The Dolphins:  Heading towards North, about an hour from stone town, you will come across Kizimkazi, where there are almost 100’% chances to see bottlenose dolphins and humpback dolphins both! Alot of tourists love to swim with the cute dolphins. Have a unique experience swimming along with the dolphins on our Dolphin Tour and Blue Safari Tour. However, be sure to read the guidelines set by the Institute of Marine Science for responsible dolphin viewing.

3. Soak Up The Sun At The Beach: Zanzibar beaches are different, and the islands offer more than 30 pristine beaches, that are still pure and untouched. You will come across the best beaches near on the North Coast and the East Coast. I can just imagine myself with relaxing on the powdery-white sand near the crystal-clear waters. Those beaches are simply awesome to relax and unwind plus soothe your soul. There could be no better way to spend your vacation.

4. Have A Romantic Getaway: Zanzibar is the perfect destination for your wedding and honeymoon. The beaches and luxury resorts give you and your loved one a feeling of belonging and a break from the normal daily routine.

5. It Wouldn’t Break The Bank: Having a vacation without worrying about how to cover for it financially has to be one of the best feelings ever. You can spend 300/night in one of the island’s chic resorts or you can spring for a room in one of Stone Town’s cool renovated buildings. Your biggest expense is going to be your plane ticket. Once you’re on the ground, you can also get a double with a shared bath a mere two minute walk to the beach for 20/per person. A nice dinner will set you back 10 dollars, and that includes beer.

Article by Tega Oghomienor

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