Destination of The Week: Tbilisi, Georgia Is A Destination To Visit This 2017

This summer season, forget the plane ticket to Milan. Cancel Berlin. And don’t bother with London. Instead, head to Tbilisi, Georgia. Over the past few years, Tbilisi, Georgia, has become a red-hot travel destination. The far-flung city boasts a bevy of ancient activities, like its tried-and-true sulfur baths and the centuries-old tradition of drinking kvevri-fermented wine.

Here are the top three reasons why you should book your ticket and explore Tbilisi, Georgia—now.The Calorie-1. 1. Boasting Cuisine
Over the past few years, a wave of Georgian restaurants have become a hit worldwide and there is no doubt about why this Eastern European cuisine has crossed the Atlantic. Who wouldn’t love the rich and delicious clog-your-arteries effect? Aside from broth-y, meat-stuffed dumplings called khinkali, or badrijani nigvzit, walnut-and-garlic-filled eggplant rolls, the perfect example of an ultimate calorie-packed national delicacy is khachapuri adjaruli. In this dish, the bread is in the shape of a pinched boat, stuffed and baked with a traditional Georgian cheese called suluguni topped with a melted stick of butter and raw egg, and then mixed together by the server or diners.

2. Visit The Old City Of Tbilisi
A blast from the past, the Old City of Tbilisi looks intact from its ancient Byzantine-meets-Russian inception. The 12th-century Metekhi Church sits on top of a cliff, while primary color–slathered houses pop in the foreground and buildings appear as if they may tip into the Mtkvari River. As you explore the throwback section, make sure to catch the city’s famed marionette show by Rezo Gabriadze, held in a teetering clock tower, or pick up a simple souvenir.

3. Stay At The Rooms Hotel
Please, skip the adventure of booking an Airbnb or a youth-packed hostel when you arrive in Tbilisi. The place to stay is Rooms Hotel—or as the locals simply refer to it, Rooms. A part of the Design Hotels franchise that includes the Ludlow Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, Rooms is a chic limbo that wavers between Georgia and New York. There is a throwback vibe to the decor: antique rugs, plush lounge couches, and a very-well-stocked library. Hungry or thirsty? There is a stellar cocktail bar (complete with a mixologist), and the food is locally sourced. Expect to eat up and sleep well.

Article by Tega Oghomienor

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