Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

Smuggle yourself into one of these destinations for a delectable Christmas Dinner and yours is an unforgettable experience. Travel accompanies Christmas holidays like a camera and a tourist wanting to capture the best moments. In Nigeria, Christmas time is time for carnivals, Santa Claus, gifts, knockouts (firecrackers) and heavy decorations but there’s one experience which doesn’t stand much recognition despite its popularity around the world.

Be it the traditional jollof rice, salad, or fried rice, Nigerian Christmas cuisines are the everyday meal but eaten in short bursts of jokes and new gist shared among family and friends.

Remember that this tradition reflects the culture of the people in whatever part of Nigeria you plan to have yourself a feast of some home-cooked delectables. We present to you places to find some delicious Christmas dinner in Nigeria.

Not a Niger-Delta Christmas without banga soup/stew

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

You shouldn’t afford to visit Warri during Christmas and not eat Banga soup.

Why eat Periwinkles, prawn, or crab if it’s not soaking in banga soup? Your Itsekiri friend knows what am talking about. If you intend to have a stop in Warri and, even Edo State, this Christmas, having rice for lunch won’t be monotonous if served with a special kind of stew – the banga soup with goat meat and plantain. If you don’t want rice this Christmas your banga would go with a bowl of starch, eba or fufu better still.

Am dreaming of a Shawarma Christmas

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

The answer is pretty simple – Just don’t ask for my Christmas wish if you can’t get me some…

While Christmas is not so popular in Kano, here you stand a better chance of having a Shawarma treat with friends and family. This tasty snack can be made with basic spices, Shawarma bread and tasty meat (meaning your turkey, chicken, and beef leftovers could be re-purposed for some delicious Shawarma). ‘Sabon Gari’ a predominantly Christian community come alive on this day with the festive spirit of giving and sharing. In case you want some Christmas fanfare in northern Nigeria, Kaduna and Jalingo could be worth the experience.

Destinations for a delectable Christmas dinner in Nigeria – UK-style

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

A mouthful of roast Turkey washed down with red wine/ juice does the trick. Image Credit: Slice and Chic

You don’t have to be in the UK to have a taste of those Christmas roasts. In places like Abuja, Lagos, and Jos where you’ll find your affluent and versed colleagues and friends, Christmas dinner could be a whole roast turkey served with all the trimmings, chicken, and beef strips (these could go with pastries, wine, and juices). Pastry items on such menu could include fruit cake, chinchin, and meat pie.

Wise men from the east brought some Nkwobi

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

Or do you want to investigate the corruption in Nkwobi too?

Nothing like some de-hoofed cow foot (cow leg) spiced up and cooked in palm oil. Preferably during the Christmas and New Year festivities, Nkwobi can be served hot to help combat cold harmattan. Traditionally eaten by the people of Eastern Nigeria, the love of Nkwobi has spread through Nigeria like the herald of the new born king.

Egusi joy everywhere

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

Well-prepared egusi soup could make you wish everyday were Christmas. Image Credit: Kake.

Made with ground melon seeds with meat, fish, and spices, egusi soup is eaten in many parts of the country on Christmas day. There are not-less-than-three different ways of preparing egusi soup. Whichever one you choose, Pounded yam, Eba, Semo, Fufu and Wheatmeal will eventually do justice to this gut-bursting soup.

Deck the dining with lots of pastries

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

Eat one take one home (they come in twos).

Wherever you choose to spend Christmas this year you’re sure to get some sweetened sensation of Nigerian pastries. Christmas is a time for family; boxing Day is that time for relatives and friends. Nigerian families, who don’t have the resources required for preparing large buffet, augment by wrapping pastries up for distribution. From sausage rolls, fish and meat pies, scotch eggs, chin chin, peanuts, buns and puff puff, Christmas is not a time to start buying pastries on the street – you shall get offers.

Time for some Edikang Ikong

Destinations for a Delectable Christmas Dinner in Nigeria

The pride of South Eastern Nigeria. Image Credit: Kake.

People from Cross River and Akwa Ibom pride themselves in making one of the most nutritious Nigerian soups. If Calabar women or their carnival won’t take you to South Eastern Nigeria, you will be there for some real Edikang Ikong someday. It is the native soup of the Efik people served in many parts of Nigeria today. Rich in protein, two different vegetables – Ikong Ubong/ Ugwu leaves (fluted pumpkin leaves) and water leaves. Edikang Ikong could also be prepared with Spinach and lamb lettuce/Mache in absence of fluted pumpkin leaves and water leaves. Calabar cuisine is quite rich and their Christmas buffet generally include a handful of other delicacies.

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