VIDEO: Man Makes Spellbinding Somersaults & a Monstrous Leap to Catch a Flight

What is the most spell-binding stunt you’ve ever tried to catch a flight? I’ve always believed you only miss a flight when you choose not to catch it.

But before you try some crazy stunt in an airport to beat the last call like Jason Paul in this Red Bull product placement, make sure you take time to learn some freerunning skills like Jacky Chan, whom the athlete says is “an absolute inspiration.”

The German checks in at the famous Munich Airport at last minute and has to perform several audacious jumps, dash, and somersaults to get on the Lufthansa flight to Ibiza. Last Call for Paul was done with the help of martial art actors.

So how far have you gone to catch a flight. I’ve once done my best simulation of an Usain Bolt over 200m about the crowded vicinity of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. Unlike Paul, I ended up minutes late for that flight and was nowhere near Bolt’s 19.19secs record time despite the strange level of energy and effort I mustered on that day.

Credit: Jason Paul and Red Bull.

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