Travel Spot Of The Week: Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State

The Ikogosi warm springs located in Ekiti is one of the most mysterious natural reserves in the state. It streams both warm and cold water which meet together at a point and is believed to have mystical healing powers which cures bodily aches, pains and other ailments. It is one of the tourist attractions that this country could be proud of because of the history and myth behind the attraction.


At the warm spring resort, a large swimming pool fed by natural spring waters welcomes visitors. The cool and serene ambience preserved by thick forest canopies gives one a perfect experience. Beneath them lie the main attraction at the resort- warm and cold springs exuding from separate spring points in the quartzite rocks and cruising down naturally-terraced foot slopes of the ridge to form a picturesque confluence beneath a concrete causeway. The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi originate from a close proximity, come to a meeting point, and flow onward together, the warm spring has a temperature of up to 70oC at the source and 37oC after meeting the cold spring. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists as they never get mixed up.



A lot of myths surround the origin and discovery of the Warm Spring and have been passed down generations for centuries. One such myth says that the warm and cold springs were the two wives of a great hunter. One of his wives was said to be temperamental while the other was a quiet woman. One day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husband, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring, another myth says that a powerful hunter, while hunting for animals in the forest, first found the warm spring. After the discovery, he went to town with the story and the townspeople on learning about curative powers of the spring, started to worship the spring.


First and Second Wife

Other attractions apart from the warm springs includes a resort in the complex. The resort comprises of various chalets and lodges. It also has a mini sports center, a swimming pool and an amphitheater with beautiful views of hills and green vegetation.



Open Amphi Theatre

If you would like to visit Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, then you should definitely visit or call 090870910333, 09087091015 or send a mail to

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